Innovative Technology Powering Successful Programs

Our vast experience has identified one common principle across all disaster response-related construction management projects: transparency. Transparency and streamlined processes are necessary to effectively plan, execute, implement, and closeout projects during a crisis. Often, these are challenging aspects to program and process management. CTEH DR has developed processes, software, and digital tools to solve these issues for both public and private sector clients.

The issue is that contractors are often blind to the construction process while program managers are blind to a contractor’s progress. When neither party is working hand-in-hand, opportunities to identify potential problems in the process can become limited. CTEH DR's solution is to provide a real-time tool that aligns the visions of program managers, construction managers, and contractors. CarbonCM sheds light on the entire construction process, ultimately leading to efficiencies for the agency, program manager, construction manager, field construction teams, and most importantly, the impacted citizens and communities.

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