Private Sector

Disaster solutions benefiting both people and the companies we serve

Thoughtful Response to Help Businesses Recover.

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can impact a business severely enough to jeopardize its very existence. We understand if a facility goes down due to an event, whether flooding, storm damage, a fire, or anything else, it affects employees, customers, vendors, communities, and shareholders alike. We have worked in impacted communities following disasters and have several employees with first-hand experience balancing work and recovery efforts. We have developed innovative software and management solutions to help employees and businesses get back to operations as quickly as possible.

CTEH DR is a turnkey provider of disaster recovery management services for organizations, bringing a strong history of successfully managed recovery projects impacting some of the world’s largest companies. Our team is capable of leading, or integrating, with your organization's business continuity teams to minimize the impact of disasters and recover from them swiftly and effectively.

Using Technology for Business Continuity.

CTEH DR was founded on the principle of innovative management and technology services to efficiently and effectively manage large-scale disasters for our clients. Our marriage of disaster recovery experts and technology has resulted in the development of advanced digital tools to solve the complex problems that have historically slowed down disaster recovery efforts. Our solutions enable organizations to plan, respond, and recover from complex disasters with a degree of speed not previously possible.

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