Superstorm Sandy

Confidential Document Recovery

On October 29, 2012, a storm surge from Hurricane Sandy hit the greater New York area, flooding streets, tunnels, and subway lines. As a result of massive flooding, highly sensitive documents housed in underground vaults within the financial district were damaged. Given the unique circumstances surrounding the sensitive nature and volume of these documents, as well as the need for document retention, the CTEH DR team was requested to manage implementation of remediation and document retention plans, sampling analysis plans, highly detailed chain of custody plan, and safety observation, to help determine the efficacy assessment regarding bio-burden.

The critical documents were removed from the secured location on Water Street and transported to a secondary staging facility for execution of several critical remedial methods.

Subsequent to the recovery process, the critical documents were transferred to a secondary location intended for direct document handling and contact cleaning using mechanical means and methods. The final stage of the critical document reclamation process was odor removal, utilizing an ozone process. Following the completion of all cleaning and odor removal methods, CTEH DR coordinated the return of all documents to the client for final disposition in May 2013.

We developed a custom software solution that uniquely addressed the business process needs related to this project. It provided an accounting for all boxes of documents, throughout the entire process, at each step along the way.