Indoor Air Quality and Post-Storm Reoccupancy

Protecting Occupant Health Following Natural Disasters

Following a disaster, one of the most important factors contributing to ongoing worker health is the quality of air. Air quality can be dramatically impacted by changes in environmental conditions. As a division of CTEH, our indoor air quality (IAQ) team consists of members from numerous scientific disciplines including: industrial hygiene and safety, toxicology, occupational health, environmental health, and chemistry. Our IAQ team holds numerous certifications and hundreds of hours of training related to indoor air quality, building investigations, and microbial assessments. Not only are we credentialed, we have decades of experience supporting impacted homeowners, businesses, and communities performing assessments, sampling, inspections, and helping make informed decisions on when it is safe to re-occupy a home or building.

The CTEH DR team has extensive experience investigating public and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and residences for issues related to water intrusion, sewage releases, and compromised building envelopes following natural disasters.

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