Construction Management

Bringing Visibility and Transparency To Disaster Recovery Assistance

Our experts have been involved in every level of disaster construction from initiation to closeout. This includes aspects of planning and engineering, direct management of building crews, programmatic inspection, and invoicing. We believe visibility into each case is critical to the prompt delivery of disaster recovery assistance, especially related to housing projects. That’s exactly why we’re passionate about supplementing our subject matter experts with advanced technology.

Through the use of our proprietary construction management technology platform, CarbonCM, we can provide management teams with visibility and transparency into contractors’ progress and work quality, and each contractor is provided with a clear understanding of what is required to complete a scope of work. Our custom software can be configured to meet the unique requirements of each program and used to manage construction for multiple programs with drastically different requirements. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Program and individual grant limits and limits of construction
  • Procurement processes and compliance
  • Best practices for intake and eligibility
  • Building standards and best practices
  • Program/project cost reasonableness and comparisons
  • Scope of work development
  • Inspection(s) process to competition
  • Issuing Notice To Proceed documents
  • Contractor/builder management, assessment, and oversight
  • Change order request process
  • Program data and reporting requirements
  • Reporting on compliance to scheduled milestones
  • Processing Certificate of Construction
  • Completion reports
  • Case and program closeout processes
  • Reviewing and approving draw requests

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